Monday, July 29, 2019

Why is civilty dead Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Why is civilty dead - Essay Example These are the indications from the media, the public and political life. Admittedly, people have to have the freedom to speak for themselves, however the era of mass information and technology made our sense desensitized. After off the cruelty pouring out from the media it is difficult for us to control ourselves and to express our feelings without passing the border of the good manners. We are used to watching and listening to politicians who try to discredit their opponents on the public space. We also know that their verbal disruption polarizes and poisons the debate. We no longer perceive political animosity as something unusual. By now we heard how the Congressman Joe Wilson yelled to President Obama and called him "liar". However the lack of courteous behavior in politics is not the most troubling one, now that it moved to the public realm. Television helped a lot in showing foul language and numbing our sensibility with constant broadcasting of rude behavior. In addition the anonymity of the internet allows people to launch freely their anger. Mass media likes to focus its attention on nasty personal attacks performed by celebrities. The U.S society has a deep fascination with celebrities and I believe that their world- wide broadcast of indiscretions forced society to ask if civility is no more.

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