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The unique quality of this tragic experience is created by the impetuous rashness of youth Essay Example For Students

The unique quality of this tragic experience is created by the impetuous rashness of youth Essay How Does Shakespeare Present Young Love In Romeo And Juliet? In todays society, Romeo and Juliet would be considered young love because it is so uncommon. But in sixteenth century England, it was quite normal for fourteen year olds to marry and have their first child by the age of sixteen; which is why many people consider one of the main themes to be young love. There is, undoubtedly an element of youth in this play but it is the nature of youth athwart societys prejudices, i.e. not being allowed to love someone because of their name: Whats in a name? However there are many other types of love in the play. We will write a custom essay on The unique quality of this tragic experience is created by the impetuous rashness of youth specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Our first meeting with Romeo shows us a stylised conventional view of love, also known as Petrarchan love (due to the Italian fourteenth century love poet Petrarch). This is what characterises Romeo in the opening scenes of the play: he postures and sighs; he understands that Rosaline is not to be hit with Cupids arrow: 1.1.206; she is out of his league, yet neither is he able to forget her, nor depite teasing from Benvolio and Mercutio, is he prepared to try and do so. During the first scenes of the play, Romeo is conspicuously absent and we can tell that he is suffering from lovesickness, the object of this unreturned being Rosaline. He is adamant that there will be no other woman, yet he is equally certain that she does not return his feelings. This accounts for the confusion that we see in the first conversation with Benvolio: 1.1.158-256. His speech is characterised by oxymoron and antithesis as he struggles to make sense of his dilemma. Romeos depression persists even when he i s making his way to the ball, and he is a soft target for Mercutios wit though he feels that something dreadful will bitterly begin his fearful date, something that will end with his untimely death: 1.4.109-12 Our first introduction to Juliet is at the Capulets ball where Romeos confusion and self-doubt are immediately banished when he sees Juliet for the first time and notices how she appears in the dance like a snowy dove trooping with crows: 1.5.48 However, this is quite ironic, because only a few hours ago he had been sobbing his heart out for his love of Rosaline: a typical example of young people not knowing what they want, not just in love but in life. However, in contradiction to this view of youth, the language Shakespeare uses when convey the message of Juliets beauty is of a much higher quality than that used to describe Rosaline. Shakespeare uses, when comparing things, figurative language. As a rich jewel in an Ethiops ear. Shakespeare also constantly uses light and dark imagery. His main reference to light and dark is the stars. On one level the stars represent fate the pair are star-crossed lovers and fated to die. On another level a star shows up against the night sky, like Juliet across the dance floor. What we have is a love that is coruscating, but short-lived, passing across the dark face of a troubled society. Additionally, the image carries with it excitement and a mesmerising speed of action. When Romeo first speaks to Juliet, Shakespeare employs a sonnet: to subtly elevate the opening lines of their love affair: 1.5.93-106. The point about the sonnet is that it has a strict form with an intricate rhyming scheme. There are 3 quatrains 3 verses of 4 lines each and a final rhyming couplet. When the sonnet is carefully analysed you will see that the first quatrain is given to Romeo, the second to Juliet, they share the third and together compose the rhyming couplet. What enhances the poetry an d makes it more effective is that it is as if Romeo and Juliet are on the same wavelength, a sure sign that the pair are in love. .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4 , .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4 .postImageUrl , .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4 , .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4:hover , .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4:visited , .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4:active { border:0!important; } .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4:active , .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4 .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u680459fd5fc73dd2de656e46a7c065a4:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: How responsible are these adults for the tragedy? EssayThere are many different views of love in Romeo and Juliet, but none more entertaining than Mercutio. A way to understand the character of Mercutio is to look at his name. A mercurial person is eloquent, active, sprightly and changeable attributes that are most certainly evident in Mercutio. Mercutio is an attractive character that brings life and fun into the play through humour, wit and puns. He is very different from the serious minded Benvolio. His blunt advice to Romeo is to be rough with love: 1.4.27. Mercutios death is the tragic force of this play. His immediate response to his injury is make light of it but w hen he realises the gravity of the wound he utters a cry that will forever sum up the fate of the innocent, A plague o both your houses: 3.1.106. However, in contrast to Mercutio, Tybalt is a relatively one-dimensional character. He is hot-tempered, vindictive and aggressive. He dislikes love generally I think, because he dislikes peace; he hates the word: 1.1.67-8 and to be at peace, is to love. But it is not in kinsmen, that these lovers confide, but in the Nurse and Friar Lawrence. The Nurse, who has been Juliets closest friend and confidante is earthy and fun-loving yet insecure. She is a servant of the Capulet family and therefore speaks in prose. She is not a particularly clever person nor is she a sensitive one but she comes across as a comic figure. She is though, despite her insensitiveness, genuinely caring, as she is quick to warn Romeo not to lead Juliet into a fools paradise, particularly because the gentlewoman is young: 2.4.160-162. One suspects that she likes men; she is clearly taken with Romeo. The Friars role in the play parallels that of the Nurse. Romeo respects him and he too is fond of the young man. He acts as a guidance counsellor for Romeo and he is quick to point out the inconsistencies with Romeos love. Nevertheless hes persuaded by Romeo that what he had felt for Rosaline was not love but love read by rote that could not spell: 2.3.88. He has what could be a sense of destiny: he feels it is in his power to alter history, which impels him to conduct the marriage in order to turn your households rancour to pure love: 2.3.92. Yet it is the friars sense of destiny that has got him so deeply involved in the tragedy and possibly is the cause of Romeo and Juliets death. Romeo and Juliet die as a direct consequence of the hatreds of the society in which they find themselves. Their deaths make them permanent symbols of the power of love, which triumphs through all adversity, one that is destined to forever symbolise the tragic loss in all divided societies. Romeos love for Juliet is true as is Juliets for Romeo. And the speed of their love is incredibly quick. Inevitably so, as events move so quickly, mistakes will be made. The vital message fails to reach Romeo in Mantua. Romeo races to be with his love when all that he hears is she is dead. Romeo feels that he cannot live without Juliet. She is his light amongst the darkness of the troubled society in which the story is based. He ends his life with the subtle and swift use of poison. Juliet rouses herself from her cataleptic state fractionally too late to save her beloved Romeo and herself. If Romeo had waited, would everything turned out all right? The answer to that we will never know, but one thing we can safely say is that the unique quality of this tragic experience truly is created by the impetuous rashness of youth. This is portrayed through Shakespeares ingenuity that can create a language which in all its diversity can capture the most beautiful love story ever.

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An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce Essay Example

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce Essay Example An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce Paper An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce Paper Ambrose Bierce uses realism to portray the dark reality of the Civil War in his 1890 short story, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. However, Bierce does not portray the brutality of the Confederates, regarded as the enemies of history. Instead, Bierce makes us sympathize with a Southern slave owner, Peter Farquhar, turning our pre-conceived notions of a just war on its head. Using the positive portrayals of the main characters family, the reader begins to feel for the Southern plantation owner. Even with Farquhar’s support for the Confederacy and slavery, which Bierce does not heavily address, the reader begins to root for him to escape his demise. Through Bierce’s negative representation of the Union, Farquhar himself, and the use of family emphasizes the theme of realism throughout An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. Bierce seems to think that war is a brutal cause with no real reward. â€Å"Many veterans like Bierce wondered why they had fought at all (Hess).† Using his own experience in the Civil War, he portrays war as unnecessary violence through his story An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.The story starts out by showing Peyton Farquhar standing on Owl Creek Bridge and he has a noose around his neck. He is about to be executed for burning down the bridge, which is a crucial supply line for the Union. With this beginning alone, we can see the brutal side of war. A man, who is not dressed like a soldier, but a civilian, is about to be executed. There is no evidence that a trial has occurred that has led to this situation. Instead, it seems like a Union army general has condemned him for death. This thought alone can make one shudder. Not only did he not have a fair trial, Farquhar didn’t have a trial at all. Martial Law, in which the military is in control of the laws and the fun ction of areas such as jail and sentencing, has been thrown upon Farquhar. This is not only prevalent in the Civil War, but in wars thought history.

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Judy Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Judy Case Study - Essay Example In this case, the nurse failed to promote due diligence and this resulted in the full cardiac and respiratory arrest of the patient. Here, Judy is a patient with acute depression and suicidal ideation and hence, she needed high quality patient care. However, the nurse did not meet the standards of quality care. To illustrate, the nurse did not notice the psychiatrist leaving the room and she was not cautious about the possibility of danger with the bathroom that had kept unlocked. Similarly, the psychiatrist neglected to inform the nurse that Judy was alone in the room. Evidently, the negligence of the nurse and the psychiatrist (ethically) compromised patient safety in this regard. The nurse was negligent for unlocking the bathroom door and allowing Judy to shower herself. The case study clearly indicates that Judy had high suicidal tendency and hence, she was admitted in a 24-hour emergency mental health unit. She made a suicide attempt there and was subsequently moved to a 15 minu te observation protocol. It clearly reflects that Judy was extremely prone to suicidal thoughts so she might make another suicide attempt at any time. The psychiatrist might not notice that the bathroom door had been unlocked as it was not her responsibility.

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The British Invasion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The British Invasion - Essay Example The chords of their music were also simple (but beautiful) that everybody can relate. The themes of the lyrics of their music are also universal that anybody can relate whatever the generation, background or orientation of the listener. Themes like love and hope contained in the lyrics Let it Be and Here There and Everywhere are universal human aspiration that will always find an audience regardless of generation. Yes it is. The combination of skiffle, rock and roll, folk and to some extent jazz that characterizes the music of the Beatles still have a following in this generation and such, it is still applicable today. The Beatles were also real artists. Meaning, they wrote their own song, composed their music and arranged their own melodies unlike with many of today’s performers whose music pre-made by recording companies and they are just asked to perform. In fact, artists who make their own music are more esteemed today. Are there any non-American bands or performers that you regularly listen to today and how does their national identity figure into their music and public presentation (are you aware of the nationality of your favorite bands)?   I listened to Bob Marley. Yes I am very much aware about his national identity and his brand of music. He is a Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician. His national identity influenced his genre of music which reggae. I believe that Bob Marley is Jamaica’s equivalent of Beatles in Great Britain. He is very popular even outside Jamaica and his music also finds audience in different generation. Their music are timeless (finds new audience in every generation) and can cross varying cultures speaking about the same themes of human experience such as frustration in No Woman No Cry, love and hope in Redemption Song and One Love that would always touch audience whatever generation or nationality they may belong. His presentation also speaks well of

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CRM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

CRM - Essay Example 1. Introduction Is the customer always right? The customer may be the king, but is it worth pursuing to retain all the customer accounts? These are some of the dilemmas an organisation face, especially when a customer relationship have entered a cul-de-sac. The basic premise of customer relationship management is about attracting, developing, maintaining and retaining profitable customers over a period of time (Massey et al., 2001). Figure 1: The basic premise of customer relationship management Adapted from source: Massey et al., (2001) 2.Theoretical underpinning Payne and Frow (2005) delineate functional dimension of CRM and stated that it concerns with creating improved shareholder value through development of appropriate relationships with key customers and customer segments by making a fusion of the potential of relation marketing strategies with IT to create profitable, long-term relationships with customers and other key stakeholders. ... re 2: The service profit model suggested by Bentum and Stone (2005) Source: (Hussain et al., 2009, p.120) From the figure above, the service profit chain (SPC) is evident and urges that the value creation process is indeed a horizontal cross-functional process, rather than standalone views contained within each function (Heskett et al., 1994). Behind the theoretical underpinning of CRM, a major vector is to be able to fight competition; and an enterprise after implementing the CRM system should be profitable and add to shareholder’s value. However, at the core of the CRM remains the customer which must be attracted, developed, maintained, and retained in a profitable way. But does it mean that all the customers to be retained for as long as possible? Should the organisation pursue it with obsession? Saubert’s (2011) case study on â€Å"Which accounts are worth keeping?† provides a clue to this question. Saubert suggests that there should be a fruitful communion o f attrition propensity and profitability models (Saubert, 2011). Studying in the context of Australian Banks for credit card holders, Saubert opine that while devising customer retention strategies, firms should weigh the value earned from each customer. The firm’s CRM strategy needs to be guided by answer to two fundamental questions: Figure 3: Two fundamental question that must guide a firm's CRM strategy Adapted from source: (Saubert, 2011) Saubert (2011) opines that while firms usually strive to increase customer loyalty and reduce attrition but tend to overlook these two questions. The Performance Improvement Council (2008) states that in an ideal world, loyal long term customer relationships would eventually evolve towards partnerships and quotes Michael LeBoeuf, author of How to Win Customers & Keep

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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Social Media Marketing Essay

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Social Media Marketing Essay This case introduces Web 2.0 social media in virtual worlds, networking sites, and video sharing sites, and entices students to explore the opportunities and risks they are confronted for brands. The case allows students to fight with the strategic and tactical decisions that accompany marketing communications strategy and to merge information on consumer behaviour with an understanding of brand objectives, in order to assess and evaluate new social media options. Foley, brand manager, is facing a more and more complex media environment in which her conventional media plan which is focused on television, print, and radio advertising, has become less popular due largely to declining audiences and a surge in advertising clutter, plus consumers tuning out. She is exploring emerging Web 2.0 social media options to determine if they can better achieve her branding and advertising objectives. Her challenge is to curtail the entire buzz surrounding Web 2.0 and to analyze the social medias p ossible for her brand by delving into the consumer dire needs and behaviours support Web 2.0 technologies Case issue: I think UnMe Jeans is a suitable brand for social media and the Web 2.0. Their target market is women between 12-24 years old, and this segment is consuming less traditional media, and increasing their consumption in the Web 2.0. With new technologies and platforms they can regulate the ads or somehow avoid them and still enjoy their favourite TV shows or any type of entertainment. I think its evident Web 2.0 is the right path for UnMe Jeans, the question is how to do it. The benefits social media offer to UnME Jeans are: The social media attracts more people than traditional media so they can reach more possible users as customers. They can target their audience with more accuracy and in a more efficient way. The idea is to make the costumers part of the social media community, to get them involved and get a deeper engagement with the brand. The drawbacks social media offer to UnME Jeans are: Lack of control of the content: Foley, Brand Manager of UnME Jeans, is faced with a challenge as she reconsiders her advertising media plan due to the increase of social media options on the emerging Web 2.0. These options become even more intriguing with the steady price increases of television advertising despite the growth of several unfavourable conditions. Working with her advertising agency, Foley must effectively use her brand management skills to choose which social media channel, if any that she should incorporate into her current advertising media plan. The advertising agency suggested three viable options, Zwinktopia, Facebook, and YouTube. Zwinktopia is a virtual world targeted to girls ages 13 to 24 with a focus on fashion and music, Facebook is a social networking, profile page site, and YouTube is a user-generated video-sharing website. I suggest that Foley pursue the Zwinktopia social media channel as a starting point to take advantage of the emerging Web 2.0 and also make a minor investment in the other options to develop their web 2.0 presence. Key issue of unme jeans: Looking ahead Foley the brand manager of unme jeans realise that the trends were driving the radical change in media market that had potential to reduce the effectiveness of her current media plan. The consumer media habit were rapidly changing because the peoples are more attracted towards the internet Driven by the proliferation of new technology like the personal computer dvd players and ipods these all new electronic devices are main reasons of changing consumer behaviour Foley the brand manager of unme jeans was confuse in between advertise in television and advertise in internet which is better for marketing. Foley advertising agency had provided her with a plan to bring her plan to three social media outlet. Zwinktopia, facebook , youtube. She knew that she wanted to do less talking at and more talking with her consumer and she wanted to use media outlet where consumer is more receptive offer brand story and which would foster the most constrictive dialogue about her brand She also wanted to use programme that would seamlessly integrate with and support her exiting media plan. But most of all she wanted to social media programme to make on impact on her sell. Swot analysis: Strength: Unme jeans was one of the most successful junior denim brand available in market The unme brand story revolved around celebrating the individuality of teenage girls and encouraging teens to speak out against peer pressure and conformity Unme jeans are available in upscale department store and especially retailer across the united state and sold at a slight premium to comparable the brand Weakness: The changing of consumer media habit and proliferation of new technology like a personal computer dvd player and ipods consumer were tuning out traditional media like television magazines news paper and radio and tuning into new media options Opportunity: The opportunity for the unme jeans is web 2.0 applications are those that make the most intrinsic advantage of that platform Delivering software essay continually update service that get better and more people use it. The web 2.0 is also called consumer co-creation because that gave consumers the ability to direct contribute to the online conversation and contain that was available on the web. Three web 2.0 advertise opportunity mainly are Zwinktopia facebook and you tube Threats: Remember that new things always get better and to advertise brand web 2.0 the company need to invest more on advertising which is not possible for every company. Analysis of the case: Just like any business problem, Foley is faced with several issues in making her decision to change her advertising media plan. With a full knowledge of the issues, Foley can better analyze her options in the process of making a justified decision. Rapidly changing consumer trends There is a clear indication that consumers media habits have evolved due to the proliferation of new technology. There are more outlets available that resulted in the change of how their market consumes media. Much of these changes were geared towards online outlets, especially among the younger audience. In order to remain successful, the company must ensure they can quickly respond to the rapidly changing. Formulation and evaluation of alternative: Benefits and Drawbacks of social media: Youtube: Benefits: Promotes high involvement and participation Large demographic availability, it allows marketers to target the audience appropriate for their product Some forms of experiments have shown optimistic results have given marketers an option to choose layout and position of their ads. For eg: participatory video ads, in-video advertising . Proven successful when used as the right channel and not only an alternative for Television ads. Drawbacks: High cost of marketing and additional cost on developing competently made videos. Lack of control over the content Still in research and test stage and it may back fire if not blended well. For eg: pre-roll ads. Language and location restriction Zwinktopia: Benefits: Promotes the ideals UnME stands for i.e celebrate individuality, non-confirming attitude. A new way of expression. Have the right demographics for UnME i.e teenage girls, the website are focused on fashion and music. Marketers can promote relevant ads in the virtual world. Can be linked to other social media like facebook  and Myspace. Drawbacks: May not influence real world sales for the company. There are over 200,000 virtual products which increase competition and fight for market share that may not give return for the company. Facebook: Benefits: Highest demographic segment among the target audience. Also has the highest average time spent on the website and highest frequent return of the user to the page. Easy access to information on the users, hence the target market can be served with relevant ads based on their profile page. Acts like a discussion forum where users interact with the brand and discuss their interests. Videos can be promoted on the website as well. Drawbacks: Since users may view over 500 pages of content the recall value may drop significantly. Lack of measurement tools to measure success. High cluttering on the network may make the users indifferent to the ads. May lead to over advertising and hijack  the very purpose Recommendation: Besides the fact that there are more people today than any other website that visit Facebook, On Facebook it is all about the interactions and discussions that occur between its users. So seeing the attractiveness of the platform as mentioned above Facebook can be used for advertisements to reach a more targeted audience in fewer costs. Another great feature of Facebook is the fan page. This feature allows a company or a brand or a product to create a Facebook page solely dedicated to it. There, users are enabled and encouraged to share opinions, information, criticism, or whatever else. When these kinds of conversations happen, it creates an atmosphere for free discussion and a buzz about that fan page. All these aforementioned features are just some of the countless great tools available on Facebook for marketers such as Foley to promote their brand. Social media provide sales professionals with the opportunity to listen and influence through their participation. Not using Facebook would simply result in a significantly missed opportunity for Foley. In addition to that, her brand will look inferior to the other brands that seize the opportunity of social media. Overall, using Facebook provides more impacts in terms of reach, frequency, receptivity and presence. In addition, page views, unique visitors and the time spent on the site in Facebook is larger than others. Therefore I recommend Facebook rather than Zwinktopia and YouTube. Of course, if the budget allows, the company uses other media platforms and have to make synergy effect based on Web 2.0 concept. It requires additional efforts, but it must be a good approach. As mentioned before, I recommend that Facebook is the best choice among three suggested plans. One of the reasons is the openness of Facebook. With the development of the information technologies, Facebook has evolved. Currently Facebook is not only a simple social website, but a big platform. The company uploads and maintains various types of contents, people can access Facebook via many different ways, and the contents of Facebook can flow through the Web. Therefore, if the company has an appropriate plan, it is possible to make big synergy effects. Implementation Plan Implementation Component: Managing Change X Instructional Practices Curricula An Assessment System X Professional Learning Communications ResourcesPurpose: To create a brand valuegh of unme jeans and advertise using facebook as a social media. Action Steps What Will Be Done? Responsibilities Who Will Do It? Timeline By When? (Day/Month) Resources Resources Available Resources Needed (financial, human, political other) Potential Barriers What individuals or entities might resist? How do we address this resistance? Communications Plan Who is involved? What methods? How often? Step 1: To use facebook to create ads related to the product. Advertising Agency May 2013 A. Facebook B. Human resource Time Deploy more people to create and upload the ads Everyone Step 2: To create fan page on facebook because of that users are enabled and encouraged to share opinions, information, criticism, or whatever else. Advertising Agency June 2013 A. Page maker in facebook B. Human resourse- creative team The tool of making pages might be difficult to use. Training and developing creative team Everyone Step 3: Social should be use and not neglected Advertising Agency N.A A. Facebook B. You Tube C. Zwinktopia A. lack of tech savvy people. B. create awareness about social media platform. Everyone Step 4: Advertising Agency Begin in August and continue throughout 2012-2013 A. Current Textbooks B. Internet C. Parents D. Time E. Manipulatives F. Training A. Time All teachers Step 5: Implement ELA Shifts 2, 3, and 5 All Teachers Begin August 2013 A. Document Cameras for Smartboards B. 6-Trait Rubrics C. Training A.Time B. All Teachers Evidence Of Success (How will you know that you are making progress? What are your benchmarks?) Evaluation Process (How will you determine that your goal has been reached? What are your measures?)

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Female Literature Deserves the Same Regognition as Traditional Male Lit

Female Literature Deserves the Same Regognition as Traditional Male Literature Literary critic, Jane Tompkins targets the "male-dominated scholarly tradition that controls both the canon of American literature - and the critical perspective that interprets the canon for society" (502), in her exploration of the canonical exclusion of Kate Chopin's The Awakening, written in 1899, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman's 1892 short story, "The Yellow Wallpaper." Tompkins further notes that "the tradition of Perry Miller, F.O. Matthiessen, Harry Levin, Richard Chase, R.W.B. Lewis, Yvor Winters, and Henry Nash Smith has prevented even committed feminists from recognizing and asserting the value of a powerful and specifically female novelistic tradition" (502-3). Tompkins' criticism of the scholarly tradition not only asserts the existence of a male-dominated literary paradigm and exclusivity but, with this literary 'gate keeping', also questions how tradition becomes imprinted upon us so as to color our judgment. Tradition becomes the constant, the thing we write, read, rebel against and, interestingly, the thing we supplant with a new tradition once we are excluded from the established boys' club. But how does a so staunchly established tradition, which determines the inclusion and exclusion of literary works, come to be? Tompkins posits the existence of a male-centered agenda that masks its biases as "universal standards of aesthetic judgment" (503). These "universal standards" of aesthetics are subsequently biased against domains which have traditionally been declared feminine. Tompkins indeed contends that "twentieth-century critics have taught generations of students to equate popularity with debasement, emotionality with ... ...knowledging and paying homage to the powers that we keep in power, all in the name of tradition. Tradition is a paradox, for it oftentimes seems bigger than us; our own creation becomes a wall, seemingly insurmountable and impenetrable, that indeed crumbles by our own questioning and refutation. Works Cited Baym, N. (1978). Woman's Fiction: A Guide to Novels By and About Women in America 1820 – 1870. Ithaca: Cornell U.P. Bloom, H. (1975). A Map of Misreading. New York: Oxford U.P. Kolodny, A. (1980). A map for rereading: Or, Gender and the Interpretation of Literary Texts. New Literary History: A Journal of Theory and Interpretation 11, 451-67. Tompkins, J. P.(1985) Sentimental power: Uncle Tom's cabin and the politics of literary history. Sensational Designs: The Cultural Work of American Fiction, 1790-1860, New York: Oxford U.P.

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Transaction Costs Economics

Introduction The conditions of doing businesses change dramatically for the past century and especially for the past 30 years. With the continuous improvement of the infrastructure marked by transportation, communications and technologies, as well as changing role played by the government and the financial markets, firms found new ways and equipped with new abilities to control their operations and interact with suppliers, customers, competitors and other stakeholders. Given the above infrastructure changes, vertical integration became a logical option for firms as the demand of product and market size increased tremendously which allowed the high-volume production since the early 90s. With the continuous advancement of the production and telecommunications technologies, it comes to a stage whereby market became a viable substitution of organisation as the exchange coordinator. Hence, one of the most important strategic decisions of firms is to define their boundaries and under what circumstances should they consider using market instead of internal organisation to coordinate exchange. This essay is to try to describe the key characteristics of Transactions Costs Economics (hereafter TEC) and with real life examples given as how it affects the decision of using market vs. organisation. Also, by quoting the example of Sony (battery), Apple (iPod) and firm that I am working with, we can see how firms define their vertical boundaries and what is the role played by coordination in a vertical chain. TEC One of the principle contributors to the study of TEC is Oliver E. Williamson. While Williamson drew on the earlier work done by Ronald Coase regarding the concept of transactions costs, he further advanced it and had developed the Transaction Costs Analysis (TCA) theory in the 1970s and the 1980s. In the neo-classical approach of economics study, firm is treated as a â€Å"black box†, and internal workings of which were not considered to be important. TEC, however, argued differently. It tried to explain why firms exist and why they existed in a particular form of structure and the extent to which it will integrate vertically, given the existence of transaction costs. Transaction costs can be aroused from: ? researching potential suppliers ?collecting information on prices ?negotiating contracts ?monitoring the supplier’s input ?legal costs incurred should the supplier breach contractual negotiations Another key characteristic of TEC is its underlying assumptions, namely bounded rationality and opportunism. Bounded rationality refers to the fact that people are bounded by the limits of their own knowledge and memories. People may also be bounded in their rationality when they are overloaded with information which is beyond their processing abilities. Opportunism refers to the possibilities that people might try to maximize their own benefit by lying about their true intentions or chances that people might exploit another party by taking advantage of unforeseen situations. It is worthwhile to mention that while TEC had tried to modify the assumptions under neo-classical decision theory by adding the deceitful human behaviour element in TCA, the core assumption of profit maximisation is still maintained. One of the key methods to maximize profit is to minimize costs. By assuming that management and the owners of the firms are rational, they must compare the cost of internal co-ordination, which includes the cost of internal production and the cost of governance, to the cost of using the markets, which includes external production cost and transactions costs. In essence, management is considering the â€Å"Make or Buy† decision when they do the cost comparison exercise. With the assumptions highlighted above, TEC then attempts to explain why a firm will integrate vertically by specifying three attributes that are used to characterize any transactions s, i. e. Frequency, Uncertainty and Asset Specificity. TEC argues that these attributes will determine whether transaction costs will be lowest in an organization or in a market. For frequency, it refers to the situation whereby firm will seldom integrate vertically if the services rendered or goods produced are rarely used. For uncertainty, it may be rooted from bounded rationality described above and from a situation whereby different parties involved had asymmetric information of the exchange. High uncertainty would generally lead to vertical integration, given the savings in transaction costs outweigh the costs incurred for vertical integration. For asset specificity, arguably it could be the most distinctive element in the TEC theory. As investment in relationship-specific asset that cannot be redeployed to another transaction without incurring extra cost or sacrifice in the productivity of the asset, it would lock the parties into the relationship to some degree. The level of specificity will increase if an asset has little value in alternative use. With the existence of this attribute, transaction costs may increase so much that it may push potential firm away from using market. In turn, firm will internalize the exchange by vertically integrating the firm that provided/offered the specific assets. With the notion of the investment in relationship-specific asset, it transforms the relationship between trading partners whereby parties which made investment in relationship-specific assets, the relationship changes from a â€Å"large numbers† bargaining situation to a â€Å"small numbers† bargaining situation. This situation is described by Oliver Williamson as the fundamental transformation. It gives raise to two important theoretical concepts, i. e. Quasi-Rents and the problem of Holdup. Both of these concepts affect the costs of arm’s-length market exchange and in turn affect the â€Å"Make or Buy† decision. Once a firm invests in a relationship-specific asset, it generates positive quasi-rent. The other party in the exchange may know this extra profit and will push for getting a share of it by holding up its trading partner. It can be done by renegotiating the terms of the exchange, or event breaching the contracts when they are incomplete. In view of the possible Holdup issue, the incentive for firms to invest in relationship-specific assets in the first place might be greatly reduced. Without the adequate supply of these assets, it might force the firm to make them by itself. Make Vs. Buy Cases Having the theoretical basis of the TEC theory described above, we can now see how the theory can be applied to the real life examples. The first example that I quote is the defect notebook batteries produced by Sony which resulted in recall in year 2006 and in 2008. In the personal computer (PC) manufacturing industry, most of the players, such as Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba and Dell, have been using the market and they buy most of the component parts required to make their desktops and notebooks instead of making them by themselves. One of the standard components of notebook is its battery. All of these PC firms buy their batteries from the market and one of the major battery suppliers is Sony. These PC firms made this â€Å"Buy† decision as they found Sony has attached economics of scale in producing notebook batteries which their in-house unit could not attain. Also notebook batteries are not relationship-specific assets and are not too difficult to coordinate in the production flows as it is a stand alone add-on that only required when the assembly of the notebook components is completed. So Timing and Sequence Fit are not a major coordination issue. In addition, leakage of private information is a non-issue as the raw materials of making battery cells are almost homogenous and relatively â€Å"low-tech† in the manufacturing process. Hence, these giant PC firms entered into contracts with Sony for the supply of their notebooks batteries. In year 2006, dozen of consumers worldwide reported Sony batteries were overheating and a few minor burns. The overheating batteries were shipped with Lenovo, HP, Toshiba and Dell notebooks. It resulted in a 9. 6 million notebook recall in year 2006. In this case, all PC firms were following the standard make vs. buy decision process and tried to reduce their production costs by using the market. However, all of them had underestimated the transaction costs related to the use of the market mechanism. With asymmetric information where Sony has more information that HP, Dell and other PC firms, it may subsequently use it opportunistically. The PC firms can reduce the problem by improving the quality control and contract terms of buying these batteries. However, it comes at a cost, transaction costs. While the compensations claims from these PC firms to Sony were not publicly disclosed, it certainly damaged the reputation of these PC firms and Sony. It also increased the costs of the contracts between them. While public expected this recall would not happen again, in year 2008, about 35,000 Sony notebook batteries were recalled in US after several reports of fire. Apparently, all parties involved had not taken into the transaction costs factor seriously enough given the 2006 recall. Vertical Integration I would like to illustrate the vertical integration strategy by referring to production of iPod by Apple Inc. While Apple Inc. claimed itself as a firm that designs and manufactures consumer electronics and computer software products, essentially it uses the market specialists as the coordination. It contracted out of all of its manufacturing functions and only kept the core design of its products in-house. Even its software was not entirely developed in-house. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. , ordered a team of hardware designers within the firm to design the hardware of iPod in year 2000. When Apple first launched iPod in the market on October, 2001, it used the software developed by a company called PortalPlayer. Apple also contracted another company, Pixo, to help on the user interface design and implementation. It is Apple Inc. hich continuously refined the look and feel of the software as the development progress. Regarding manufacturing, it was out-sourced to Taiwan companies with factories located in Mainland China. Component parts that made up of iPod are supplied by different suppliers, such as Samsung for microcontroller and storage medium and Cirrus Logic for audio chip. Interestingly, while Apple Inc. decided not to have forward integration for the manufacturing of iPod, it actively pursed the downstream integration by establishing its own distribution and retailing channel. It set up an online media store of iTunes Music Store on April 2003 and operates more than 250 retail stores in more than 9 countries. With the PC iTunes software that can access the iTunes Store and the special property right protection technology (Data Retention Management) that only allows iPod to play the contents (which include music, videos and games) purchased from the Store, the iPod, iTunes and on-line iTunes Store are well-coordinated in the downstream of the vertical chain. It also increased greatly the sales and profitability of Apple Inc.. Another case that I can refer to is my firm that I am currently working with. It is big law firm. When we decide whether we would outsource our supporting functions, such as data management and IT support, we always consider the chance of leakage of our private (client’s) information, which is critical to our profession. It will have negative legal and reputational consequence if our clients’ information is leaked to outsiders. As complete contracting is either infeasible or too costly, most of data management applications are developed in-house instead of buying from the market. Conclusion TEC is important as it represents one of the first and most influential attempts to develop an economic theory that look into the firm structure in a more serious manner. It is most often used to analyze vertical integration of firms. With the development of technologies and communications, transaction costs to use Market are reduced. However, the example of Sony batteries recall case shows that firms might underestimate these costs. While more firms are downsizing their structure and contracted out their functions, they strategically integrate to the functions which can enhance their overall profitability. The setting up of iTunes Stores and selling of proprietary contents by Apple Inc. for iPod is a good example. With possible leakage of private information and the failure to have complete contract, professional services firm is more likely to use the internal resources for its data and IT management.

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How to Style Titles of Compositions

How to Style Titles of Compositions How to Style Titles of Compositions How to Style Titles of Compositions By Mark Nichol Navigating the formatting rules about titles of compositions books and chapters, movies and TV shows, albums and songs, and the like can seem like negotiating a minefield. Here’s a handy map to help you maneuver through the terrain: In print, two primary formats exist for identifying a creative work. Titles of entire bodies of work such as a book, a TV series, or an album are often italicized, while titles for components of each book chapters, TV episodes, or songs are usually enclosed in quotation marks. Easy enough, but what about creations such as paintings and poems? A painting is a discrete work, but it is also often displayed as part of an exhibition. What do you do? In this case, italicize the painting’s title but style the title of the exhibition in roman, or ordinary, type. (However, single ancient works of art, such as the Venus de Milo, are simply styled in roman.) As for short poems collected in an anthology, style their titles like those of book chapters, but italicize the titles of book-length poems. Photographs are considered elements of a larger work, such as a book or an exhibition, and their titles are simply enclosed in quotation marks. And what about capitalization? Generally, in a title, always capitalize the first and last words regardless of part of speech, plus nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and long conjunctions (those other than and, but, for, nor, and or.) Lowercase prepositions (over, under, through, etc.) unless they are key to the title (A Walk Through Time) or as part of an adverbial or adjectival phrase (Turn Up the Volume). The initial definite or indefinite article in a title can be preempted by a nonitalicized article if it conflicts with the sentence structure. For example, write â€Å"The Wizard of Oz audio book is a best-seller.† But if this style looks awkward, just relax the sentence: â€Å"The audio-book version of The Wizard of Oz is a best-seller.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Style category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:50 Synonyms for â€Å"Leader†Expanded and ExtendedStarting a Business Letter with Dear Mr.

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Teenage-Mother essays

Teenage-Mother essays When I was fourteen years old, I worked at Winn-Dixie, a huge grocery store that was ten minutes walking distance from my house. One day, after-school I got ready to go to work. Of course, I did not drive, so I walked to work. Once I got there and opened my register, a young pregnant female that looked extremely frustrated by the child, who was rolling around in the cart with all the groceries came through my line. He was one obnoxious little two-year-old, throwing groceries on the conveyer belt and demanding candies. Meanwhile, the poor teenage-mother was fumbling through her purse searching for her WIC papers. It was such a sorry sight to watch because she looked so frustrated with the child and her inability to locate where her papers were. Having a child at a young age is a huge responsibility. Moreover, teenagers having babies can affect the mothers education forcing her to work lower paying jobs, can alter their lifestyle causing them miss out on the recreational activiti es, and cause financial burden for the mother. I was working as a part time cashier at Winn-Dixie and attending school. I did not intend to work there for the rest of my life. I believed that I would eventually graduate college and enter a well paying career. While on the other hand, this seventeen-year-old will remain uneducated because she already has a two-year old child and another on the way. However, I will have a career to focus on and will not have to work as many hours to support my family. That will mean more time towards taking care of my family by being home, rather then being at work for most of my childrens childhood. Because of the pregnancy, the teenage-mother will continue to be uneducated, work many hours and drift away from sharing a close bond with her children. Furthermore, teenagers should not have babies because their lifestyle would change dramatically. Her friends would probably stop coming around to go hang ...

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Principle Terrestrial Biomes Annotated Bibliography

Principle Terrestrial Biomes - Annotated Bibliography Example One of the strength of the motivating programs is that its’ automation makes it easier to identify individual merits and reward them accordingly. Compliments and other recognitions should be posted there to motivate them. Communication with employees from wherever they are makes them feel part of the company as they feel more appreciated and derive a sense of belongingness. This should continue being exploited at all times. Some weaknesses have also been noted in the discussion section. One of these entails shortcomings in communication. Employees should be made part of the decision-making team to ensure they feel obligated to work for a hospital. A hospital should also outsource some required services especially in recruitment programs to allow them cope with the challenges fostered by motivation programs. Abstract - The study recognizes that the concept of design has an effect on a patient's healing process. In the study, substantial evidence presents that the design of medi cal institutes influence the health outcomes of patients, as well as recruitment and retention of the hospital staff. In addition, the concept of design also affects the efficiency of how care is being provisioned. In United Kingdom, primary health and social care is being prioritized due to the ageing population of the country. Summary - The purpose of the study is to incorporate an environment that would deliver safety, efficiency and quality that is flexible to changing delivery patterns in the provision of care. ... This article focuses on the temperate grasslands, and examines and populations in them. It looks at a natural experiment occurring in a small region of Germany, where an area of grassland is persistently expanding by removing other obstacles to it such as human habitation. The exact dates that these obstacles were removed is well known, so know exactly how old the grasslands are, which is rare when studying ecological succession. They use this knowledge to examine the different species of ant which colonize the grassland once the grassland begins to grow. It uses simple sampling techniques to examine the populations of a wide variety of different types of ants at different stages of grasslands development, and the techniques used and data collected both seem extremely reliable. The research team found that in younger grasslands, there were a wide variety of different species that changed from individual patch of grassland to individual patch of grassland, because the initial populati ons were mostly dependent on the random chance of an individual or group from that species wandering into the grassland accidentally. They found, however, that as the grasslands matured and when studying older grasslands this initial diversity and wide range of species disappears, to be replaced with a more predictable group of species. This suggests that the initial distribution of species has no impact on the eventual one, and that a number of highly successful species of ants will consistently outperform other species in this kind of grassland. Gewin, Virginia. â€Å"Planting temperate forests won’t temper global warming† Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 5.1 (2007): 6. This article details the effects that temperate rainforests might have on global warming. One of the

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Follow the instruction in the details, i will attach the article that Assignment

Follow the instruction in the details, i will attach the article that you are discussing - Assignment Example The reference chosen was: Doriott, C. (2000). Genetic Codes Unraveled: New Clues to Human History. Ancestry, 18(1), 15 – 21(Stix, 2008). The information presented in the article is very contradicting. The reason for this is because; the various biological concepts written on human ancestry discuss the process of evolution from a common ancestor. They do not mention any the point on â€Å"Mitochondrial Eve,† (Stix, 2008). This article increased knowledge about DNA in the mentioning of genetic prospecting which involves researching deeper into the human DNA to find more about their origin. The processes involved including gene slicing. It also aided in understanding of single neucliotide polymorphsisms. The article stated that they help in evaluating the identities of individual populations (Stix, 2008). The most interesting thing in the article was on the dueling theories that states humans migrated from Africa 50 to 60,000 years ago. This beats the understanding of civilization, the age of the universe and theories that try to explain the origin of man, such as that of evolution by Charles Darwin (Stix,