Monday, August 12, 2019

Speech Class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Speech Class - Essay Example Each of these kinds of friends has a different aspect and meaning for our lives. There are many traits that a best friend has, for example, which are not the same as a formal friend. These types of friends also differ in numbers: a person might have only a few close friends, and at the same time, they will likely have any number of informal friends from day to day. Friends are important, and we would not be able to get by in life without them. But we have to know which category our friend fits into, as a process of reflecting on relationships. Informal friends are persons whom we accidentally meet: maybe while traveling, in school, or on official duty. They are the type of friend who we can feel free to say hello and with whom we may have a chat. We may not have much information about them, like their whereabouts, job or family. Such friends may not have much influence in our life. We deal with them casually. They are more like acquaintances than friends. This type of friend will not have much of an impact on your life. You do not miss them when they are away from you. You generally do not object to their company, and would like to have a cup of tea or coffee with them. But if you are in the midst of some work, you do not mind parting with their company. One may know this type of friend throughout their school career, but they might never talk to each other outside their school. This type of friend comes and goes, and many people have many informal friends throughout their life, even numbering into the hundreds. Informal friends are nice to talk to, but you never intend to have anything more in your relationship with them. They are casual friends and there is no deep relationship that is planned. You just talk with them and then go on your merry way. You talk with them about common topics like hobbies or classes. But you can not talk with them about yours or their personal life and

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