Sunday, September 8, 2019

APPLICATION PAPER Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

APPLICATION - Term Paper Example As a tradition, the two leading political parties; the Democratic and the Republican Parties select the best candidate to represent their party (4- Impression Management, Haun 50). In the primaries of each of the political parties, potential candidates file for nomination and they canvass for votes by telling leaders of the party why they are capable of winning power in the national elections (5- Compliance Gaining Strategies, Haun 64). In order to ensure the best results in the general presidential elections, the parties select the best candidate to represent them (6- Uncertainty Reduction, Haun 23). In doing this, a lot of checks are done on each candidate to verify and validate his or her claims of eligibility for the Presidency as well as acceptability to the voters (7- Fidelity Checks, Haun 69). After successfully convincing the leaders of the respective parties (8- Evidence Test, Haun 69), they are chosen as the Presidential aspirants to represent the two major political parties in America. The Presidential candidates are presented to the American electorates by the parties. The candidates are required to present a positive image about themselves and their parties (9- Impression Management Theory, Haun 50). In order to examine the promises made by each of the candidates, most presidential elections are marked by various presidential debates. In these debates, the presidential candidates tell the American people what they would do if they are voted into power. This provides a platform for informing electorates about the kind of leader who will fill the White House over the next four years. Presidential debates provide a strong insight into the policies that either parties have for the people and influences the way people think about the candidates (10- Perception, Haun 68). This year, the two contenders for the US Presidency, President Barack Obama and Senator Mitt Romney

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