Saturday, November 2, 2019

Follow the instruction in the details, i will attach the article that Assignment

Follow the instruction in the details, i will attach the article that you are discussing - Assignment Example The reference chosen was: Doriott, C. (2000). Genetic Codes Unraveled: New Clues to Human History. Ancestry, 18(1), 15 – 21(Stix, 2008). The information presented in the article is very contradicting. The reason for this is because; the various biological concepts written on human ancestry discuss the process of evolution from a common ancestor. They do not mention any the point on â€Å"Mitochondrial Eve,† (Stix, 2008). This article increased knowledge about DNA in the mentioning of genetic prospecting which involves researching deeper into the human DNA to find more about their origin. The processes involved including gene slicing. It also aided in understanding of single neucliotide polymorphsisms. The article stated that they help in evaluating the identities of individual populations (Stix, 2008). The most interesting thing in the article was on the dueling theories that states humans migrated from Africa 50 to 60,000 years ago. This beats the understanding of civilization, the age of the universe and theories that try to explain the origin of man, such as that of evolution by Charles Darwin (Stix,

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