Thursday, June 20, 2019

Proposal Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Research Proposal ExampleHacko limited a company that deals with production of nonmoving and office accessories to other companies in the market. Company sales have been falling due to competition from other players in the market. Low production has also modify the company due to the loss of human hours due to parental leaves. The company has both hundred hammerers of which a third of the work force are women. edifice a nursery in the company impart enable the company to save almost a third of its staff from prolonged parental leave (Cohen 52).The company owns a building thus needs only to create a small facility in to house the nursery. The toll of furniture and fittings will be around300 dollars for a facility that can easily cater for sixty workers in the company. The facility will cost the company 200 dollars on a monthly basis for running the facility. This is not comparable to the 2000dollars lost every month due to low sales and loss of business to the competition. Usi ng the cost factor to evaluate the efficiency of the proposal, it is evident that the company is likely to save almost 1700 dollars by implementing the proposal.A more active workforce is likely to be the benefit of the nursery. The parents can take time to check on their kids thus knowing that they are okay will increase their efficiency in the work place. The proposal drastically cuts short the man hours lost during the parental leaves by half. The company gives the mother four months maternity leave while the father two moths. With the introduction of the nursery, the company will be able to cut the leave period by half to save on work force (Porter 112).I have studied economics and social behaviour and experience in my previous work place shows the method proposed will lead to increased productivity in the workplace and also employee satisfaction. Adequate research has also been conducted in the area to ensure

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