Sunday, June 16, 2019

Succesion Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Succesion Planning - Essay ExampleInstead, companies should take time in studying the competencies and personality characteristics of individual employees. This will help in clarifying the roles of each job level. However, such studies are costly and time consuming to or so organization hence they are done in a hurry and incorrectly. The second disadvantage is the cloning syndrome, where managers in the organization tend to pick populate like them. The replica of the incumbent is a great mistake as an organization seeks a new direction. Thirdly, the focus is narrowed in succession preparation. period planning limits leaders in an organization to focus internally on prospective employees who can join the managerial team. Candidates outside the company with great voltage are not considered. In most companies, the candidates chosen are those direct to top leaders. They are viewed as having the required potential. This boosts career development for the internal employees tho does no t fulfill the companys best inte lie downs. In most circumstances, when filling a managerial post, an external candidate would be the best to fiddle along new skills to the team. Fourthly, it can have negative effects on motivation. Succession planning if not handle carefully can be disgraceful to the organization. Other employees may conclude those selected are favored. The outcome will be lack of motivation among the rest of the workforce. Fifth, it may result in family rivalries. In littler organization run by family members, it can be tough when making succession plans. In most cases, if an individual child is favored by the parents, the rest will oppose and this results in disastrous effect. This is because it can bring down the organization. Sixth, succession planning can cause organizational structure changes. Succession planning sometimes happens before the organization gains its stability. Leaders will be forced to alter and develop organizations to be able to tackle cur rent business challenges. In

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